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That's only £3.00 per album


Different genres - various artsts

10 Royalty-Free Themed CDs of different Genres by various artists

Special Offer Package Price

20 tracks per CD Album = 200 tracks total


Normally £7.99 each - saving up to £50.00



1. Easy Listening Vocal M.O.R Songs.

Easy on the ear Light Pop, ballads, Swing& upbeat 

Vocal songs, various artists.

Nice & Light Background Music.

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Smooth Relaxing Meditation Music.

Spiritual, Mind, Calmness 

Ideal for places who want to create a relaxing Ambience

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 Electric Rock/Pop Guitar Instrumental Set


Harmonizing Electric Guitars blending with a dynamic beat

creating an upbeat modern background

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Romantic Love Songs.

Easy Listening, Country/Pop/Ballads Romantic Love Songs,

Various artists, 

Nice Positive lyrical, melodic vocal songs

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Mixed Emotions Vocal Songs.

Lyrical songs of angst, blues,

loneliness, Goth & heartbreaks.

vocal Songs By Various artists

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Electro Music From Another World.

Electro - Techno Pop/Rock Royalty-Free Music CD

Vocals & Instrumental Mix. Quirky Fun & Entertaining

Featuring The Popular " Dance of the FUR ELISE",

the Hilarious "Scary Skeletons" & "Zombie Land"

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Chill Out Acoustic Instrumentals

With a Blend of Acoustic Guitars & The Hammer Dulcimer 

creating a Chill Out atmosphere with

a mixture of traditional Welsh, Scottish & new Tunes, 

played on real instruments by various artists

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Pop/Rock/Retro Vocal Songs,

Contemporary rock/pop/retro

vocal songs by Various artists,

& collaborators

to hear the tracks 

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Easy Listening Instrumentals

Easy on the ear nice background music,

Orchestral keyboard, guitar Light Music.

Nice Background music for Hotel rooms

Waiting rooms,  Lounges.


Christmas Carols Pop makeover Instrumentals.

Well known Christmas Carols given a modern & re-imagined makeover. 

Nice Light background Christmas Music.

Featuring Acoustic & electric guitars

also featuring the Hammer Dulcimer

to create that bright dynamic Christmas Bells sound


Charity CDs with

Lifetime World Wide Royalty-Free Music license.

Businesses can save a fortune by not paying for high ROYALTY FEES

Royalty-free Music for Shops, & Retail Premises.

Comes with full Commercial Royalty-free license

The music that you can upload online

without copyright infringement or paying out Royalty fees.

Use for your Hobbies, Project, Adverts, Promotions, etc. 

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